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Recycling - A Reminder from Alvin

REDUCE                REUSE              RECYCLE 

Alvin is our new groundskeeper.  Welcome him to our Trinity Bell Gardens Community.  Alvin wanted me to remind you that could be recycling a lot more.   Let's give Alvin & the maintenance crew a break by Recycling More!  

The TOP 10 in the blue bag recycle list:  1. Cardboard (be sure to break the box down and remove any Styrofoam) 2. Paper 3. Food Boxes 4. Mail 5. Beverage Cans 6. Food Cans 7. Glass Bottles. 8. Jars (Glass & Plastic) 9. Jugs 10. Plastic Bottles and Caps. 

No need to sort!  Take your Blue Bags to the Curbside on Wednesday Only! Pick up more Free Blue Bags from the Office. 

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